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We offer reliable baking technology with precision control and flexibility regarding weights and types of dough and also user-friendly design that gives baking professionals creative freedom at the lowest cost of ownership. Believe in prepping - think Glimek!

The main focus at Glimek is set on prepping of dough quality and gentle dough handling during mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing, moulding and shaping. Therefore we provide robust baking and prepping equipment, made in Sweden, as bowl lifts, bulk hoppers, suction dough dividers, belt rounders, conical rounders, cup elevators, intermediate conveyor proofers, intermediate pocket proofers, moulders, moulding extensions and complete bread lines developed for all sizes of bakeries. Welcome to find out more on our product pages.


The Glimek BL is a robust and user-friendly Bowl lift for lifting and tipping of removable bowl. The lifting capacity is up to 600 kg (removable bowl including dough). Its easy to operate and controlled with push buttons for up and down movement. No training is required to operate the lift. 
Available as high and low version:
BL – Low version (Tipping into divider with 225 liter hopper)
BL – High version (Tipping into Bulk Hopper BH)


High lifting speed 5 meters/min. Gives higher production capacity.
Lifting capacity up to 600 kg (bowl including dough).
Tipping either left or right as standard. Straight forward as option.
Offset tipping. Maximizes use of the bakery floor space.
Easy operation and low maintenance cost.
Easy to operate. No training required to operate the lift.
Safety guard with safety switch.
Two gear motors lifts the bowl by two separate chains for added safety.
Controlled with push buttons for up and down movement.
Designed to work with bowls from other manufacturers (on request, a technical drawing of the bowl is required


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